Monday, April 21, 2008


Pawlenty will name his permanent pick to MNDot today:
Pawlenty is holding a news conference at the Capitol at 11 a.m. Monday to announce his pick. Acting Commissioner Bob McFarlin has been leading the agency since the end of February . . .
Acting commissioner McFarlin would make an excellent choice, but he has been hedging if he even wants it:
The interim leader at the Minnesota Department of Transportation hasn't decided whether to seek a more lasting appointment to the commissioner's post.

Longtime agency executive Bob McFarlin is serving as acting commissioner now that the Senate has ousted Carol Molnau from the department's corner office. Gov. Tim Pawlenty hopes to name a permanent replacement by mid-March.
I was not on the "can Molnau" band wagon. (funny how my detractors forget those moments). But that is history, and to make this transition during a busy and key moment int he department, seamless should be the main motivator to find a replacement. Let's hope TPaw did some arm twisting and McFarlin stays on.

We'll find out at lunch time.


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