Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Great American Hypocrites

I ended up on Random House's book mailing list not to long ago. Every few months or so a new morsel is on my stoop. I few weeks ago I received the best one so far. It is Glenn Greenwald's latest and it is released today.

The Great American Hypocrites: Toppling the Big Myths of Republican Politics reinforces what those of us know already, and the Right doesn't want you to know. That whenever they open their mouth, it is deception in an attempt to win since the truth will only kill them. The book destroys the myths built up by the Rovian machines of the past. You've heard them all I am sure:
Myth: The Republican nominee is an upstanding, regular guy who shares the values of the common man.
Reality: He divorced his first wife in order to marry a young multimillionaire heiress whose family then funded his political career.

Myth: Republicans are brave and courageous.
Reality: It’s a party filled with chicken hawks and draft dodgers.

Myth: Republicans are strong on defense and will keep us safe.
Reality: They prey on fears, and their endless wars make America far less secure.

Myth: The Republicans are the party of fiscal restraint and small, limited
Reality: Soaring deficits, unchecked presidential power, and an increasingly invasive surveillance state are par for their course.
Some of the books I have received off the mailing list I have doled out to others, or have become door stops. Not this one.


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