Friday, January 25, 2008

VeepStakes - Dems

As we get closer to Feb 5, where a presumptive nominee will almost certainly be crowned in at least one, if not both parties, attention turns to the VeepStakes.

Here in Minnesota, much talk has been made regarding Gov. TPaw as the heir apparent on McCain's under card. I am not so sure. In the past, geographical balance was a key component, throw in a Swing State with Double Digit electoral votes and you have a VP nominee. This year, with both sides trying to grab the middle with their most moderate offering, a run to their fringe may be necessary to corral the base.

The Democratic slate seems like a no brainer. I am convinced there are two names that will NOT appear in the VP slot, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. It may not be unprecedented, but to think of Edwards on the ticket again is a stretch for me. With Hillary, I don't think she could play second fiddle to anyone, again. Eight years of her husband being President was enough back seat driving for her.

Hillary is the front runner, and short of a severe case of hoof 'N' mouth disease, will become the nominee for President. Her choice for VP will have to take into account two major factors, reeling in the far left that is frustrated with her hawkish views and other moderate stances and the negative baggage she brings to the table. Although some believe that her choice must be a White Male, since it will be shock enough to have a woman on the ticket as it is, there is another option, Barack Obama. If Kerry and Edwards could kiss and make up, and Kennedy with Johnson, I have no doubt that Clinton/Obama can do the same. This historical ticket would be unbeatable, and I could support it without even plugging my nose.

Same thing with Edwards. Although he is the longest shot of the remaining three, should a brokered convention opt for the 54 year old pretty boy, he'll need an Obama on the under card to lock in the rest of the base.

Obama's endorsement is a bit trickier. Since I have already stated neither Edwards or Clinton will appear as the 2nd fiddle, we need to reach just a bit. The biggest concern with Obama is experience, and there is one person out their that can put that all to rest. Someone who has a strong resumé, is from a Southern/SouthWestern swing area, and has a campaign machine not even cooled off yet. You guessed it, New Mexican Governor Bill Richardson.

So the likely pairing is Clinton/Obama, followed by Obama/Richardson, and an outside chance of an Edwards/Obama. I could easily support any one of those, because right now, losing is not an option. The future of our country is at stake. After almost 8 years, the Right has shown they just don't seem to care.

I'll have some thoughts on the Cons, later. Maybe even later today.


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