Tuesday, January 08, 2008

That Elusive Reason

I've made it pretty clear that I struggle with a Hillary candidacy, to the point I couldn't think of a single reason how I could support her. Mitch provides that elusive reason:
while not all Republicans will meet a good conservative’s approval, it’s a safe bet that virtually no Democrats will. It will be time to realize that even an “imperfect” Republican is, in almost every case and on nearly every issue, better than a Democrat.
And this is where he is wrong, as usual, and why it opened my eyes. The Left has shown, over 8 years of Economic and National Security destruction how wrong the Right is. It is not only imperative that we correct the course of this country, but as Mitch shows, there is more to their end game than stay the course. They want to run the ship aground for a long time to come:
The first reason: Every ten years, the state’s congressional districts are reapportioned. And the party with the most seats controls the process. And the DFL, if they are in control, will gerrymander the state’s districts to reinforce their control over this state.

The second: there will, in the next four to eight years, be between one and three Supreme Court seats opening up. And a Republican-controlled Senate will be better for seeing responsible, constructionist, sane judges confirmed.

And in neither case does it matter one iota if the GOP majority is 100% Reaganite purists or 40% Sturdevant-approved moderates. In these cases, literally, a majority that is 2/3 of “good enough” is better - as in, better for the sake of 10 years of state legislation and 20-30 years of SCOTUS decisions - than an ideologically perfect minority.
They want to legisalte by fiat from the bench.

They aren't Pro Life, they are Pro Prohibition of medical decisions being made between a Doctor and their patient and Pro enforcing their religious faith on other. The Left, on the other hand, is truly Pro Life, by providing programs and and environment that discourages the awful act of abortion with the goal of make them rare. For the first time, abortion rates DECLINED under Clinton, and those declines stagnated, and I suspect once the studies are updated, began growing again under the Pro Abortion Bush administration.

As for Security, the Left is looking smarter everyday. Afghanistan should have been the primary front of this fight, not Iraq. and the time, money, and lives lost in this misdirection has allowed for a resurgent AlQaeda to rebuild for another day.

So while I struggle with candidates who may distract from an issues based campaign, or other candidates who may not align with me on every issues, I find that on the whole, the Left is right, and the Right is wrong.

I do not give up my moderacy by taking this stand, I clarify it. The GOP doesn't want me, I am not pure enough. With the Left, and the Democratic Party specifically, I can work within to promote my goals and visions. With the Right, I wouldn't even get a seat at the table.

It is becoming clear to me that no matter who the Democratic Party choses for their nominee, they will be light years better than any Republican that makes it through. Well, maybe accept for Giuliani *grin*

But that's just me!


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