Thursday, December 20, 2007

They've been Working on the Railroad Treptow

Last week, in Treptow -v- Beard, I mentioned the impending indictments in the June 2007 road rage case:
But for now, we'll have to wait and see why both men will be going before a judge next week. One can only suspect they will be answering charges, and what those charges are, will be sealed until then.
Treptow went first, yesterday, and is facing three felony counts:
1. Drive by shooting. MS 609.66 subd 1e(b) -- felony, up to ten years.

2. Reckless discharge in municipality sub 1a(3) -- ditto, up to two years.

3. Terrorist threats. 609.713 sub (1) -- ditto.
I am ready for a rant, but will hold off until Beard faces the music today. Until then, you will find excellent interpretations from Mitch, Joel, and NorthernMuckraker

What can you do until then, all three point it out, but I'll share Mitch's plea:
Martin Treptow isn’t loaded - not even close. And this case could embarrass the hell out of the Robbinsdale PD and, given its behavior for the past six months, Anoka as well. My two cents: Anoka County is throwing the book at Treptow, dredging up the worst possible assortment of felonies (and absurd ones, at that), to try to induce him to take a plea bargain rather than spend his family’s entire future defending himself against the combined weight of every law enforcement agency in the Metro.
A defense fund has been set up. It would make a nice Holiday gesture:

Martin and Rebecca Treptow
Anoka Hennepin Credit Union,
3505 Northdale Blvd. N.W.
Coon Rapids, MN 55448


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