Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Treptow -v- Beard

I spoke briefly about the Coon Rapids road rage shooting last Summer. In what can be described most accurately as slow motion justice, a Grand Jury was finally convened and handed out probable indictments to both individuals, yesterday:
The results of the two-day grand jury proceedings will remain sealed until each man appears in court next week, Anoka County prosecutor Paul Young said. That both the officer and the civilian have been summoned suggests the grand jury found evidence supporting charges against each, the attorney for the civilian said.
The short version of the case:
The investigation stems from a June 7 rolling dispute on a Coon Rapids side street. In one vehicle was Landen Beard, an undercover Robbinsdale police officer; in the other were Martin and Rebecca Treptow and their two children.

Martin Treptow, a former security guard who is licensed to carry a handgun, shot Beard in the leg. Both he and his wife have said Beard never identified himself as a law enforcement officer and that he pulled a handgun first and pointed it at Rebecca Treptow's face.

Beard, who has never spoken publicly about the incident, was interviewed by investigators and released the same day.

Treptow was arrested and booked but released the next day without being charged.
Both Mitch and Joel have been all over this case. What the articles fails to mention, is what happened following Treptow's release:
As a variety of Second Amendment bloggers reported last summer, Treptow was released from jail almost immediately (by the standards of these cases), and not charged with anything; the Anoka County Sheriff didn’t even bother to revoke Treptow’s carry permit, which is normally pro forma in these sorts of incidents.
What I have found, is that decisions and statements made closest to the incident tend to be the most accurate and pure. A lot of spinning is going on to try to protect a defend Beard. There is, in fact, some unsubstantiated speculation out there, that if it becomes public, could change this case significantly.

On the surface it seems that Treptow did everything correct, while responding to a road raging Beard. I wonder where this case would be if Beard hadn't turned out to be a cop. It also seems like law enforcement, and the media are reluctant to recognize that the MPPA works. I don't think I'll ever 'carry' but the bad guys don't know that and will have to think twice before they engage people in public, or at least in public places that aren't 'Gun Free Zones'*

But for now, we'll have to wait and see why both men will be going before a judge next week. One can only suspect they will be answering charges, and what those charges are, will be sealed until then.


*There is a cartoon posted at the link above, the text reads;

Why do mass shootings happen in "Gun Free Zones"?

Same reason they DON'T happen at firing ranges.

Some common sense to go with your morning cup of coffee.

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