Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Its All About Me

Local heady legal rag, The St. Paul Legal Ledger, has been bopping around the blogosphere doing candid bios. This week was my turn. The website is subscription only, but GreenTeaMN was able to get a hold of the copy:
The St. Paul blogger known as Flash who writes the Centrisity blog is admittedly left of the political center.

He identifies himself as a Democrat; he's supporting New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson's bid for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. And Schiebel's liberal stance runs in the family: his mother, Jean, served as one of 10 U.S. Electoral College "electors" in Minnesota for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry for the 2004 election.

But Schiebel, 47, often takes heat from fellow liberals in the blogosphere on a host of issues ranging from Minnesota's smoking ban to welfare policy to the war in Iraq.
After discussing my break with the liberal wing of the DFL on the War on terror, they sneak in a comment Charley made regarding the level of civility here at Centrisity:
"I celebrate that our disagreement has been polite and respectful, with none of the name-calling and dismissiveness that has often been typical of these discussions,"
Even a hat tip from Mitch:
"He gets flak from both sides. I think he might be one of the last of the Kennedy Democrats out there," Berg says, referring to the foreign policy of former President John F. Kennedy.
I might have changed a few things, but over all the article was done well and gives you a pretty good picture of who I am and why I keep poking my head out there in the new media.

Bop on over to Green Tea and read the whole thing.


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