Friday, December 07, 2007

Day of Infamy

Flags will be flying at half staff throughout the nation in remembrance of Pearl Harbor Day. Take a moment to recognize the valor of our brave fighting soldiers on that monumental day, along with those that continue today defending our freedoms from the evil amongst us.

Although their numbers are dwindling, the survivors of the attack continue to speak out:
Civilian survivors who recall the attack include Hawaii's two U.S. senators, who were 17 at the time.

Sen. Daniel Inouye, now 83, said he served as a first aid volunteer, helping treat civilians who were wounded in his Honolulu neighborhood. In 1943, he joined a celebrated Japanese American unit and was highly decorated for combat valor.

Japanese planes did not bomb residential neighborhoods, but misfired U.S. antiaircraft shells fell on homes and businesses.

"One shell fell into the dining room and this old Japanese lady was having her breakfast. When I got there, she was slumped over in her food," Inouye said in an interview. "Shrapnel went through her head and killed her. She didn't know what hit her."

Inouye said about half a dozen shopkeepers were killed when their stores were hit.
So let's be sure to acknowledge the innocent loss of life, while we realize how the American spirit drove civilians to step up during this time of tragedy.


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