Monday, December 31, 2007

The Law According to BushCo

Slate lists some Legal Fictions. It must have been a struggle to parse them to only 10 *laughing*. Some of my favorites:
10. The NSA's eavesdropping was limited in scope.

Not at all. Recent revelations suggest the program was launched earlier than we'd been led to believe, scooped up more information than we were led to believe, and was not at all narrowly tailored, as we'd been led to believe. Surprised? Me neither.


8. The vice president's office is not a part of the executive branch.


4. Nine U.S. attorneys were fired by nobody, but for good reason.

Of course, the great legal story of 2007 was the unprecedented firing of nine U.S. attorneys who either declined to prosecute Democrats or were too successful in prosecuting Republicans.


1. The United States does not torture.
I wonder which ones made the cutting room floor. It had to be one of their toughest edits ever.


H/T Zeitlin. And GiGi, check out his Juno review.

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