Monday, December 03, 2007

A Touch of Class . . .

. . . to a fallen teammate:
the Washington Redskins' defensive players held close a secret unknown to even Coach Joe Gibbs. It was a formation, devised the day before by Gregg Williams, the team's assistant head coach-defense. Its title a jumble of code save for the one word Williams placed in the middle: "Taylor." They would use it the first time they were on the field.

Drawn on paper, the play called for 10 living Redskins to fill their normal spots, with their dead teammate's name and his No. 21 marked in the 11th. As Williams handed it out Saturday night, he said that even though just 10 players would be on the field, the one missing would still be by their side.

"He was going to ride with us one more time," Williams said.
Video Here!

Taylor's funeral is today.


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