Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Richardson Interview Epilogue

Several things happened following the completion of the interview that humanized the Governor. First, I shared with him the story of a custodian at my former school.. This individual asked me whom I was supporting for President. When I told him Bill Richardson, this guy went nuts. He was convinced that the Governor is the best candidate and was so frustrated at how RIchardson was being ignored by the media. The Governor asked me what this guys name was and in an impromptu gesture, pulled out a small signature card and wrote a simple note and signed it for the custodian. Later that day I met up with Greg and he was simply thrilled.

Second, he looked at me and stated "I'm really sorry about the Iraq issue" He wasn't apologizing for his position, he was acknowledging the difference we have, and the emotional investment involved. I felt a sincere level of compassion.

Finally, I took it upon myself to bring a simple graduation card for the Governor to sign for my son. He was very gracious in accommodating this request. "Josh - Congratulations and all the Best - Bill Richardson.

I look forward to visiting with the Governor again, and maybe that time, he will be on a ticket, stage to regain the White House, and restore credibility to out national policies, both foreign and domestic.


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