Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bill -v- Resumé

Ryan Lizza has an incredibly candid peak at Gov Richardson, on 'The New Republic'

Here is an excerpt that really caught my eye:
Although many Democrats are smitten with Clinton, Obama, and Edwards, Richardson is enjoying a moment of heightened voter interest, even passing the psychologically crucial barrier of double-digit support in one Iowa poll. He is both the hot-dog-and-ballgame everyman and the seasoned international statesman. The latter is particularly alluring to an electorate yearning for the anti-Bush: someone with the foreign policy chops and diplomatic skills to repair America's tattered reputation and alliances, someone who understands the granular nuance of nuclear proliferation and the Iraq conflict and who isn't afraid to talk to our enemies.
Lizza pulls no punches here. But in the end you recognize what a regular Joe Gov Bill is. We could really use that in a leader right now.


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