Monday, May 21, 2007

Two Peas

Mitch whines in a post entitled Faint Damnation:
Getting called “the worst president in history” by The Worst President In History?

When one resorts to a series of put downs, it does seem to crumble whatever arguments they had. Let's See how many we can count, Goofytooth, Phumphered and droned, actively connived, morally repugnant scumbag, incompetence and sheer horror.

I am not going to argue about presidential rankings, but there is one thing that is clear to me. With the failures of this presidency snowballing, PaPa Bush is looking pretty good right now, and President Carter will have someone to look down on.

I don't know who the worst President ever is, but I know who isn't on the list anymore, Carter and Bush I. How long President GW remains on the list is up to how history treats him. Then I can take Mitch's cue and call him a bunch of names. But I won't resort to that. Not my style.


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