Friday, May 11, 2007

Fish Wrap Factory

The Cucking Stool was 'Spot' on in their analysis of the Grim Ridder. The pup commented on the recent employee purge at Fish Wrap Factory, West side of the river (© Dan Cole):
It is starting to look like the Grim Ridder not only wants to kill the body of the Star Tribune newspaper, he wants to steal its soul, too. Two experienced newspapermen identified as progressives—by the spittle-flecked boys at Powerline, anyway—will be leaving the paper. Both have long been on the head-hunting list of local conservative bloggers.
Spot is fun to read, so go check it out.

I am more concerned about losing 'Websearch', one of Randy Salas' must read offerings. At this rate, there won't be much left except the comics and box scores, and I can get them online.


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