Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Consumer Confidence

No wonder the RNC is on their 'Fear Tour 2004', they are hoping people won't care about anything else. Unfortunately, they underestimate the intelect of the electorate!

From Rassmussen:
The Rasmussen Consumer Index fell four points on Tuesday to its lowest level since the last day in May--109.0. The Index, which measures the economic confidence of American consumers on a daily basis, is down eight points from a week ago and down nine points from a month ago
Ya want more:
The Rasmussen Investor Index fell another five and a half points on Tuesday to 130.7.  It has now fallen fourteen points over the last three days to its lowest level since May 30. The Investor Index is is down three points from a week ago, down six from a month ago, and down one from three months ago.
The Bush Economy, we've just turned the corner, but now we have run out of road!


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