Friday, August 20, 2004

Accumulating Chronological Experience

44 years young yesterday. Qwest gave me a wonderful Birthday gift, a failing modem. Internet was down all day for me as my modem was being very quirky. I do have to hand it to Qwest, they were pretty quick about diagnosing and agreeing to send out a new modem pronto. As you can see, I am back up and running.

Thanks to 'The Doctor' for showing me a good time at the Rock Bottom. It was the tapping of the Saison, which is an excellent (and strong) hop filled ale without the hoppy finish. I highly recommend it. Brewer Todd always gives a little spiel to introduce his latest concoction, and at the end, had the whole bar make a toast to me for my birthday. At the end of the evening, when I received my bill, all that was on it was my Dinner entree. I told Brenden that non of my beers and other beverages were on the bill. He said

" Flash, it's your birthday, they're all on the comp tab"

What a guy!

Anywho, good times were had by all. Now I have two days of E-Mail and a sidebar to catch up on.


PS: Happy Birthday Mom! I know at least one year what you were doing on your birthday, recovering from my birth *grin* Thanks Mom!!

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