Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Senser(y) Perception

Since I am confident everyone wants to know where I stand on the Amy Senser trail, I'll share.

She did it, but it seems to me there is more than reasonable doubt that she knew she hit a person. Her actions later that evening and her conversation with her Husband the next morning support that.

The question the jury asked, yesterday, leads me to believe they are leaning that way as well:
About 5 p.m., the jury asked the judge: In order to convict her of leaving the scene of an accident, "at what point did she have to know that she hit someone?"
The judge told them, "At the time of the accident or immediately thereafter."
I think the prosecutor here had their hand forced, making it difficult to plea this down. Amy will be acquitted, and since they didn't offer the jury any lesser charges then the three felony counts, she walks.

The Civil case, will be a completely different matter.


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