Friday, April 27, 2012

Bookmark Addy

As I start gearing back up, be sure you use my Doman URL for all bookmarks and blogrolls:

 . . . . in case I decide to go real crazy someday and move off Blogger!

I'll be using Blogger comments so all past Haloscan comments have gone into the either as Haloscan/Echo turned into a money suck, I'm all about free. However, my time isn't free. As I have always steadfastly resisted any monetization, to preserve my independence, I will be reviewing AdSense option and other internal opportunities.

More later . . .



dog gone said...

Flash, yesterday and again today, there are a couple of links showing up on your blog that I don't think YOU put there. I had the same problem on Penigma yesterday after visiting here. Is there such a thing as a blog virus?

You might want to do what I had to do with my most recent post - look at it in preview format, and then go in and try to remove the unintended commercial links. They were persistent, very difficult to finally get rid of, and do not show up in either html or visual form in normal compose modes. It is true of your previous post as well, (opening line).

Flash said...

I do not see them on my end.