Monday, January 03, 2011

Governor Dayton!

I just like saying that. Not because he was my first choice, or even my preferred choice. Heck, he spent most of the election on my 'No way in hell' list. But the Right wing smear machine has already started the hatefest by taking a page out of the National Republican book.

See, it isn't about what is best for Minnesota. It's about their way or the highway. For them, elections only have consequences when the Right wins. When they lose it is to stop, stonewall, and HATE until everyone is beat into submission. Minnesotans tend to be smarter than that.

I've grown tired of the Strawman fights the bought and paid for blogs of the local Right stir up. They know if they ever had to actually debate real issues they'd get swallowed up. I refuse to fall into their heartless and soulless trap.

I'm going to stick to issues, because only juveniles stomp up and down demanding their way or the tantrums will continue. Us grownups are willing to do more than that.


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