Monday, October 18, 2010

The Strib Endorsement

In the STRIB's endorsement of Emmer . . I mean Horner, they state

"Don't let fear cause you to vote for a candidate you consider to be the second-best choice."

Which, ironically, is the reason most people ARE voting for Horner, out of FEAR! I will NOT vote for an unelectable only to inoculate myself from criticism. I will proudly vote for Dayton knowing he will right the wrongs of the TPaw fiasco!

Some people confuse ideological perspective with voting pattern. I'm not one of them. I tend to vote more Blue than Red since the GOP candidates of late have been to the extreme. Of the two electables, I am going for the more moderate of the two, and it isn't Emmer. For Congress, as an example, I will NOT vote Blue for the same reason.

This isn't about party, its about progress. The state has stagnated for 8 years and we have lost our status of leader in the country. Time to change that, make the tough decisions, and get this state moving again.


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