Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tom Spoiler

First, reality at this moment:
38 (46) Dayton
36 (32) Emmer
18 (09) Horner
04 (13) Undecided
This is real simple math, a vote for Horner is no different than voting for Emmer. If those 8% that left Dayton's camp think they'll get change with a Horner vote you are doing nothing but furthering the Mississippiazation of Minnesota. At least have the guts to just pull the Emmer lever.

Oh, and on this media 'in the bag for Dayton' Smear Meme from the Tea Bag Republican set. KSTP using Democrat where Democratic is more appropriate is, frankly, juvenile. I expect that from the Smear Merchants. Liberal Media my ass!


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