Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Are Government Jobs, Bad?

The Right loves to attack 'Big Gummint' and the recent volley is an attempt to dilute the most positive Jobs reports since the horror of the Bush administration. The cry out 'But 48,000 are just temporary Census workers. This got me to thinking, what do these 'Gummint' workers do with their pay checks. If you listen to a Tea Partiers, you would think these public sectors employees put their paychecks through the shredders or cash them to stuff their mattresses.

I'm a public sector employee, employed by the local School district, but I spend money as needed, when needed, and borrow as necessary. Take the recent Bathroom Remodel. My Public Sector Paycheck is dolling out over $8,000 in the Minnesota Economy, almost $7,000 alone in good old fashion trade Labor with the experts at Artisan Plumbing. I'll have spent close to $1000 at the local Menards/Home Depot working with the staffing there to get the right tools and materials. I'll use my Big Card to further engage other employees at their financial center. Soon I'll be dumping another $600 on a skilled Tiling craftsman, putting funds in his pocket, to be spread around the economy.

Big 'Gummint' brings its own set of issues, but in times of economic strife, putting money in the hands of those who will spend it is the rudimentary necessity to get us out of this economic tumult. To condemn folks for creating, seeking and/or finding gainful employment, especially if it happens to be in the Public sector is simply being ignorant of how basic economics works.

Even in 2004, following Two Term President Bush's election, I sucked it up and did my part to help the economy along. So I ask, what have YOU done to assist in getting this economy back on track.

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