Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tribute to a Father

St. Paul City Council Member, Dave Thune, lost his father. He reminisces on the SPIF Forum:
Its funny how you can see yourself in your parents. As I think about the death of my father today I find myself grateful for the role model he was, what I learned and what I am still learning...

At an early age I learned that it was okay for boys to cry when their dog was run over, because my dad did too.

I learned that it was good to work with your hands to build a garage, remodel a house or fix something broken by adding a screw or bending some aluminum bar to make it sturdy again.

I learned that it was actually cool to stay in Boy Scouts and get my Eagle Scout Award. He did it before me. I learned to persevere.

I learned that it is good to do unexpected things for your kids when they need help - like when he drove high-schoolers - Sue and me all the way from Moorhead to Williams Arena to see the Spuds play in the State Championships then drove home the same night so Sue and I could ride back on the bus with our friends.

I learned to love music by watching him build our first Hi-Fi record player, and then listened until I fell asleep to The Dukes of Dixieland, the Peer Gynt Suite and Louie Armstrong.

I learned to love the out of doors and the smell of an old tackle box with an extra salted nut roll inside.

I learned to eat spaghetti in Dilworth when I was one year old.

He told me to support bringing pro hockey to downtown St. Paul when I was Council President and generally contrary to anything the Mayor proposed.

He gave me courage to introduce a smoking ban in as I watched him struggle with emphysema.

I learned from my parents that discrimination was wrong, that art was good, that it was expected that we should volunteer.

Finally, today I learned that in death there can be dignity, joy in the friends and family who surround you, and peace when you've completed a good life and taught your final lesson.

Rest in peace Dad.
Dave Thune
Ward 2, St. Paul
I can only hope, when my time comes, that my children have as much to share about me.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Thune family during this difficult time.


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