Monday, September 28, 2009


Public polling has not been kind to the administration regarding health care, or at least that is what the Main Stream media wants you to believe. The hidden truth, is that even though things have been a bit bumpy for the President, they are much worse for the opposition:
Take a recent CBS/NY Times poll as an example:

* 52% of Americans trust Obama to make the right decisions for health, while only 27% feel Republicans are more trustworthy.

* 60% think Obama is trying to work with Republicans. Only 30% think Republicans are trying to do the same.

* just 30% have a good view of Congressional Repubs. 47% have a favorable view of Dems.
A party can dissent without being obstructionists. Unless the Right starts providing meaty and hard alternatives rather then 'just say no' politics. they will just further alienate themselves from the electorate.

As one who does have legitimate concerns about the current proposals on the table, I hope they do decided to work together. We are close, time to put the country first.


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