Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Untying the Knot!

An excellent article in the Sunday Strib got me thinking. Something that I hadn't heard in the debate, maybe due to the droning of the astro turf groups' attempts to prohibit healthy dialogue. But the Strib was able to find folks with genuine concerns. One person in particular had an amazing observation:
"I'm frustrated with the system and I want reform," she said. "It's just not this reform that I want."

Instead of rushing to create a public insurance option, Schwarz said the government should find a way to separate health care insurance from being tied to your employer -- what she considers "the first and greatest mistake in the evolution of health care America." Consumers, she argued, should be able to shop for coverage like they shop for car insurance or a TV, not forced to accept whatever their employer will provide.

"Everyone is afraid they're just one pink slip away from losing their health care," she said. "If my husband were to lose his job or his life, me and my kids would be left in the lurch."
Now I understand that eliminated pools, open enrollment periods, and other necessary requirements to address pre-existing conditions may be a hindrance to the separation of Health Insurance from Employers, but this really makes sense.

Has this issue been out there before, cause I don't, recall seeing it being addressed by either side.

Thoughts? (comments involved more in monster poking and not debate will be briskly deleted!)


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