Friday, July 03, 2009

Send me to Scranton, I Bleg of you

I have never asked for or received anything in compensation for this blog. I don't expect that to change. But I can't stop you from supporting the organization that I have been involved with for over 30 years.

Last year, Minnesota Brass, Inc. made drum corps history by becoming the FIRST all age drum corps to place in the top 3 at DCA World Championships. It has always been a challenge for us to compete against the East coast big boys due to our geographical location.

This year, we are bigger, better, and bad ass and are committed to doing everything we can to make a run at the title. To do that, we have scheduled a mid season trip to Scranton, PA. The Parade of Champions is where the remaining Top 6 corps will be performing. This mid season showdown will allow everyone to get a solid read all in the same show.

The downside is a trip like this can cost over $20,000 and is above and beyond the standard budget we work with. So I am asking you, and everyone I know, to take a moment and see if you can spare a $5, or a $10, or even $100 or more to build up our coffers and assure this trip does not dismantle our excellent financial state.

Take a look at my FirstGiving page, and help a brother out!

See you on the 50!


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