Thursday, October 02, 2008

VP Debate Potpourri

I'll be in the garage. WiFi is working a little better now that I moved my access point a little bit. I won't be live blogging, too tough to keep track of what is going on. But I will interject a few comments over here, and maybe here.

Now, I am thinking about playing one of the many VP Debate Drinking Games (of course, this one sounds the best) Although, taking a pull when van Palin says Hockey or pit bull vs Biden putting his foot in his mouth should be enough to get a nice buzz on.

Feel free to share your plans in the open thread below. Tonight will be the most fun of all the debates. Its a beauty contest, and Palin has already won one of those *grin*


UPDATE: OK this is the one I'll play tonight:
For Sarah Palin:

1. Every time Palin mentions one of her kids by name, take the number of drinks corresponding to that child’s number in her brood (e.g. 1 drink for Track, 2 drinks for Bristol, 3 drinks for Willow, 4 drinks for Piper and 5 drinks for Trig). If she does not give a name, take 1 drink.
2. When Palin mentions 9/11 in a textually-relevant manner (e.g. “We need to prevent another attack like the one on 9/11″), take 1 drink. When Palin mentions 9/11 in a gratuitous, textually-irrelevant manner (e.g. “When my son Track was sent over to Iraq on 9/11…”), take 2 drinks.
3. If Palin uses the phrase, “hockey mom”, drink until she takes the self-satisfied smirk off her face.

For Joe Biden:

1. Every time Biden chuckles condescendingly at Sarah Palin, take 1 drink. Every time Biden chuckles condescendingly at moderator Gwen Ifill, take 2 drinks.
2. Every time Biden refers to himself in the third person, take 1 drink. If he uses his full name (e.g. “When people ask me, ‘Joe Biden, how did you become so good looking?’”), take 2 drinks.
3. If Biden points out that despite being less than 1/100th the size, Delaware has more people than Alaska, drink until you see the bottom of your glass.

If either candidate says:

1. Russia, take 1 drink. U.S.S.R., take 2 drinks. Swimming the Bering Straight, take 3 drinks.
2. Hillary Clinton, take 1 drink. Bill Clinton, take 2 drinks. Monica Lewinsky, take 3 drinks.
3. Dick Cheney, take 1 drink. Tricky Dick, take 2 drinks. Sucking dick, take 3 drinks.

Finally, if at any point Biden uses the phrase “I know Geraldine Ferraro; Geraldine Ferraro is a friend of mine. Governor, you’re no Geraldine Ferraro,” chug your beer, turn off your TV
UPDATE II: Oooooo, Palin Bingo

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