Saturday, September 01, 2007

Economic Insurgency

Nice article in this AM's Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. Although Drum Corps seems to be some closely guarded secret, some communities recognize the positive nature of the activity and the influx of cash in can bring:
More solid numbers will be collected after the event, but an estimated $7 million to $10 million is expected to be spent in the city this weekend on housing, gas, food and entertainment, said Tim James, director of sales for VisitRochester, which promotes tourism in the city and throughout Monroe County.

About 250 rooms were booked at the Hyatt Regency Rochester for the championship, in addition to rooms reserved at about 23 other hotels.
$10 million dollars from a bunch of old farts who can't seem to grow up *laughing*. Actually, the age of corps members has been dropping while the talent level has improved dramatically. There are only a few of us 'old timers' still trying to relive their youth. My turn will come soon, maybe even next year. I miss being on the field.

Prelims kick off this afternoon. Top 10 highest scoring corps, followed by the top 3 remaining Class A corps move on to World Championships Sunday night. Still a lot of weekend left.

Here is a list of Prelim corps in revers order of how they scored during the regular season (Times or Eastern):
1. 2:00PM White Sabers
2. 2:17 Lakeshoremen
3. 2:34 Frontier
4. 2:51 Gulf Coast Sound
5. 3:08 Chops, Inc.
6. 3:25 Fusion Core
7. 3:43 Alliance
8. 3:59 SoCal Dream
9. 4:41 Sunrisers
10. 4:58 Govenaires
11. 5:15 Music City Legend
12. 5:32 Kilties
13. 5:49 Crusaders
14. 6:06 Hurricanes
14. 6:06 Hurricanes
15. 6:23 Renegades
16. 7:05 CorpsVets
17. 7:22 Minnesota Brass
18. 7:39 Bushwackers
19. 7:56 Brigadiers
20. 8:13 Caballeros
21. 8:30 Empire Statesmen
22. 8:47 Buccaneers
Scores will be posted live as they are released at the DCA Scores page.


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