Friday, December 16, 2005

Married to the MOB!

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the Winter meeting of the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers. OK, not really a meeting, more of a formal, yet informal, gathering of like minded, ok not all like minded, individuals. Bloggers, mostly of the Red variety (A very DARK Red), will converge on Keagan's in merriment to celebrate whatever they choose to celebrate. But everyone and anyone is invited.

Festivities begin at 5:ish and end, well, Mitch said it best:
The party starts at 5PM, and lasts until J.B. Doubtless climbs up on the bar and sings "Hungry Heart".
I hear from reliable sources I may not be the only admitted Left leaner at the gathering, so that should spare me from being cornered and then tag teamed into submission. But in reality, these events turn out to be more apolitical, and the conversations take on a more personal flavor, rather then political ones.

I have a debt to pay, so I'll be there in my black Minnesota Brass, Inc. Jacket. And whether you're a blog writer, reader, or both, stop on down and put faces to names. We really are a pretty nice bunch of folks, even though it doesn't always look that way.

Hopefully I'll see you there. Mitch has the skinny.


PS: GiGi, I dare ya!! *laughing*

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