Thursday, November 21, 2002

Let's look at Tax Cuts and the economy.

I hope you accept me for more the just a whining liberal. I am more centrist then most give me credit for, but do tend to support the core values of the democratic party (ie, putting the needs of the many ahead of the needs of the few, responsible/sensible gun legislation, the ability for anyone to make medical decisions without those decisions being legislated, etc.).

When it comes to tax cuts, however, I only want what is best. Again, I predicted this recessionary mess that the Bush tax cuts have failed to move us out of . By giving the higher percentage of the cuts to the richest one percent, he did NOTHING to stimulated the economy. The rich old foggies proceeded to loose that tax cut in a volatile stock market.

On the stump here in Minnesota GW said (and I paraphrase): some people don't realize how to boost the economy. By cutting taxes we put more money in peoples pockets, when people have money they spend it on a good or service, companies need to provide this good or service by creating jobs, thus the economy will improve with a tax cut.

Fundamentally, he is right on the money. But he has yet to explain how giving over half the money to the richest few percent does this. They have already shown by there actions that they will invest this extra money in a stock market that benefits few (God knows they don't need many more goods or services. They'll buy a fridge, car, groceries, etc, without a tax cut)

The Middle joe, with a few extra bucks in his pocket will buy that TV, or Fridge, or the car he was postponing, THAT IS WHERE YOU CAN Stimulate the economy

That is why he has failed here. That is why his systems isn't working. GW, ya wanna stimulate the economy, then put the money in the hands of those who can best inject TRUE fiscal energy into the current economic environment

Now, before you go off on the Give the people their money back tangent, I have that covered too.

First, GW is talking about economic stimulus in the context of his tax cuts. If he wants to give people their money back, then say that is what he is are doing. He can't stand up and discuss stimulus because that is not how it works when you give most of the money to the richest few. Another way to look at it is that he is then implying people should only pay taxes when they get a personal benefit from the tax, and that they shouldn't have to chip in to help society as a whole, and the indirect benefits that go with it.

People who think that way need to recognize what would happen if only parents with kids in school paid for education, or only people who collect social security should pay social security taxes, or those that drive should be the only ones that pay for transportation. See, it doesn't work.

I don't bitch for bitchings sake, I call the kettle black when it's black . . . . and I tell the emporer he has no clothes, when he is running around naked, ignorant, and out of touch!!!


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