Monday, February 21, 2005

Term Limits

Much hay has been made about Gil Gutknecht's Flip Flop on not running for a 7th House term. Both the Left and the Right have sent out their hypocrisy brigades. The Right, after pummeling Wellstone for a similar reversal, now say it is OK. The Left, after defending Wellstone during the campaign, now say a Promise is a Promise.

This is the part of politics that drives me batty. People are making decisions not based on honesty, or reality, but simply based on what is best for their guy. The left, had it been wise, would have not centered on the Gil flip flop, but at the flip flop of the MNGOP and their treatment of the issue then, compared to now. The Right should have all but quoted Wellstone's rational for running again and forced the Left back on their heals to sort out individuals who specifically squawked at the Wellstone run.

As for me, self imposed term limits are silly and senseless. Different times bring different needs. No one can predict the future, and to say you aren't going to run again on 'X' date is foolish. Both Wellstone and Gutknecht made that mistake. Reasonable people make new decisions based on fresh information. I didn't have a problem with Paul running again, and I don't have any issue with Gil going for a 7th term. Of course, if he wants to play dead in an already done deal Senate race, that's fine. I am sure the Left will have no problem taking a shot at his Congressional seat.


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