Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A Rematch?

Grams considers Senate run against Dayton
Grams said Tuesday that he's had about a dozen conversations with Republicans and former supporters who have asked him to consider a run for the party's nomination, so he intends to begin talking to other activists and party leaders
The GOP hasn't been in the business of running retreads. Their experience with the failed Boschwitz attempt against Wellstone may scare them off. Kennedy is in the driver's seat, and it will be his call. The chance of losing the 6th district to the Blue may be enough for some to encourage Kennedy to stick around in the House.

The field is getting crowded. The best hope for a Dayton re-election is for there to be a bitterly divided GOP endorsement process.

Dream Match-up --> Luther - Grams
Probable Match-up --> Dayton - Kennedy

I'd vote for Bill in a heart beat, Dayton will have to earn my vote.


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