Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Dialing for Dollars

This was an actual phone call to my home last evening:
Caller: This is a political call from the office of Mark Dayton for Senator

ME: I'm sorry, but I have been very disappointed in the decisions and actions of Senator Dayton lately, and I will be evaluating all candidates before I decide on my support.

Caller : *click*
It will be awhile before the Senate race heats up. I don't see any of the Right Wing candidates interesting me at all, but Dayton will have to make great strides to recapture my support. I hope that there is a challenge to his nomination which will put the Dems in a better position to retain the seat.

Senator Dayton is a sitting duck right now. I don't think there is much he can do to stop the hemorrhaging. We saw what BushCo can do to a qualified and competent candidate like Kerry. With Dayton, it would be like shooting fish in a barrel.


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