Friday, February 25, 2005

Patty to fill us in . . .

Patty Wetterling is expected to fill us in on her political intentions for 2006, today.

Most think she will make another run at the 6th district congressional seat, especially since her nemesis from last year has moved on to higher pursuits. I tend to agree, but I have a hunch she may take the long way, rather then the short cut.

The 6th district is more Red then Purple, without much Blue. Patty did surprisingly well in her first attempt at political office and was able to parlay her strong name recognition and child advocacy into a more then respectable showing. But the demographics of that district haven't changed much, and neither have those of the state.

The State is more Blue then Purple, and a Wetterling run statewide may be more successful. The voters lineup better for her. The Choice issue becomes part of a list of many, instead of one of a few that could splinter support. The GOP Smear machine will have a tough time combating this type of candidate, which makes her Teflon coat look pretty inviting to some on the Left.

So I believe, that Patty Wetterling will announce for the Senate today. I believe she will take advantage of the early campaign season to hone her skills and work towards re-introducing herself to the state. BUT, I don't believe she will get the endorsement, and before it is too late, she will withdraw, and run for the 6th. Although, there are those that think she won't run at all in 2006.

It's Amy's to win or lose, and hopefully the party and left leaning electorate will see that. We need to unite early, and campaign hard. We've seen the playbook of the Right. This will be a hard fought race, and who better to engage the Right, then a tough County Attorney

UPDATE: Seems the folks at Checks and Balances are leaning my way as well. They also mention a poll that was commissioned recently which includes the names of the 4 most talked about Dems in a head to head with Kennedy. The results:

# Wetterling +9
# Klobuchar +2 (This could change easily)
# Ciresi -4 (I doubt this would change much at all)
# McCollum -6 (This could change easily as well)

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