Tuesday, February 08, 2005

'Mickey' on trial

Frequenters of these scribblings will know I dabble in the latest big trial. Don't expect to find anything on the owner of Neverland here, but I am following the Robert Blake case. Yesterday was somewhat of a blow to the Prosecution:

From ABCNews:
A key prosecution witness in the Robert Blake case backed off of a claim that the actor tried to hire him for murder and admitted he was a heavy user of cocaine who had paranoid delusions.

Retired stuntman Gary McLarty, 64, told jurors Monday he met with Blake a few months before Bonny Lee Bakley was killed, but did not even know the woman's name afterwards and had only "insinuated" that Blake wanted her dead.

"A lot of people want to strangle their wives at times," McLarty said, "and it was possible he was just venting his anger."

At a preliminary hearing, McLarty had testified Blake solicited the killing of his wife.
My record in celebrity trials isn't any better then my political prognostications. I thought OJ was toast, he walks. I didn't think there was any way a jury could convict Peterson, he is on Death Row. So, although I have a feeling on this one, my feelings aren't a very good indicator of which way a jury will go. This trial is far from over. I'll be following it, and sharing the juicy stuff here.


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