Monday, February 07, 2005

Happy Anniversary!

While I wish Mitch a Happy 3rd, yesterday I made a brief visit to the Norwegianity 1st Anniversary bash at the Uptown Bar and Cafe. It was long overdue for me to finally meet up with the defenders of truth, and the detractors of the Right

I found Mark sitting at a table with several other individuals. My time was limited, but I did have a chance to finally meet Luke Francl, whom I have exchanged several E-Mails. Luke also assisted in getting my the coveted VIP ticket for the John Kerry visit during the final push of the election. He was there with another member of the New Patriot writing team Carson, from Minnesota Liberal.(OK, Carson states he's not a member of the NP team. I guess it is his frequent commenting that may have confused me). I also bumped elbows with John and Michelle from Yowling from the Fencepost.

I spoke with Tom from Curly Tales who is is as excited about the resurging Minnesota Gopher Men's basketball team as I am.

I wish I could have had more time to meet the others in attendance. It was GREAT to put faces to names, and share beverage with like minded individuals. I even nudged them a bit to suck it up and make a Keagan's visit. I'll keep working on 'em. I think it would be interesting chemistry to finally provide balance in the bar of Keagan's.


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