Friday, November 30, 2007

Snow's a Comin'

A Public service announcement:

-- Winterized your vehicle
** ** Extra Blankets in the trunk
** ** Jumper Cables
** ** Gloves
** ** Emergency Cell Phone (we actually keep an old disconnect cell phone and charger in the glove box. It isn't good for anything but 911, but that just may be the only time we need it.
** ** Other good suggestions from the MN Safety Council

-- Have you pulled out your shovels?

-- Gassed up your snow blower?

-- Cleared out the garage to get you vehicles off the street for the snow emergency?

-- Stocked up the pantry?

-- Gone to the Liquor store?

-- Visited blockbuster to spruce up the videos options?

. . . . anything else I missed?

Usually when they spook us with snow, especially the first one, it is nothing more than a puff. But you can never be too careful.


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