Friday, November 09, 2007

Bye, Wog!

Today, family and friends will say goodbye to Paul 'Wog' Kuettel in a mass of Christian Burial.

Mitch and I went to pay our respects last night. He does a nice job of putting you there:
The room was crammed with people - which, itself, is a great memorial to a guy who just plain knew a lot of people. Paul was active in his community of Cretin/Derham Hall alums, in the Ramsey County GOP, the MOB, and…well, life in general. He knew everyone, and everyone liked him, whether they agreed with him or not.

Don’t believe me? Flash tripped onto a photo on one of the display boards - Paul was standing with a couple of guys who looked dimly familiar. “That’s Bill Luther”, Flash said, pointing to the guy on the right. “But who’s that…”
It was a younger Rod Grams, whom I may have been able to figure out, but just didn't come to me right way. That same picture was enlarged and at the front of the chapel as well. It must have been one of his favorites.

Paul had a way with words, both written and spoken. I met him through the Blogosphere about 4 years ago and it always seemed that whenever there was a blogger gathering or an Issues Forum MeetUp I would be at his table, trading stories. He was a Rightie, pure and pure. But he had a nack for debate. The kind of guy who you would talk to all night, and then find yourself agreeing with him more and more. It wasn't until you left, and got halfway to the car you would stop in mid step and go . . . HEY, WAIT A MINUTE!!!

He had that skill.

Wog's battle with Liver disease, and his wait on the transplant list is well documented on his blog, one that will now go deafly silent. Mitch shares some important links at the end of his screed. I won't post them here, you need to read his take, and you'll find them at the end.

Cheers, Wog!


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