Friday, November 02, 2007

DL Debrief with the Mayor

I hadn't been to Groveland Tap before. A fantastic neighborhood bar and grill. One that I will be taking the Lovely Mrs. Flash to sometime soon.

The place was bustling, so I nudged my way to the back Rec area and greeted the throngs. Mayor Coleman was already there, and engaged in conversation. I saw a wave from Smartie out of the corner of my eye, and greeted him and his lovely bride, and mother to be REW. It wasn't long before I got a nod from Wege as he was passing me a taster of Todd's latest concoction, a rich malted beverage called Darkness. It definitely had a kick too it.

It was great to see Sara Grewing, again. She searched me out to visit while the Mayor was glad handing. Sara was Sen Klobuchar's State director during her campaign, and this past summer was named Mayor Coleman's Chief of Staff. I could clearly tell she was loving her new job. I then worked my way through a crowded back room. I estimate at least 30-40 attendees from what I could tell. I could see the regulars from 331 engaging with not so familiar faces. I had a couple SPIFers come up to me and offer thanks for posting the event to the announcement list. The more the merrier I say!

Sara was able to steer the Mayor my way for a brief visit. There wasn't much chance to get into specifics, so it was a brief social visit. I mentioned seeing him at my school, Washington Technology Magnet Middle School, where he was not only able to recall why he was there, but remembered names and specifics that I couldn't even recall. I don't think I could ever be successful in electoral politics as my memory for names never has been sharp. I taunted him about the recent speculation of Chief Finney's potential run for Mayor. With almost two year to go before that election, he is not really sure how much credence you can put into that supposition. I was also wearing my Richardson for President shirt, and although Mayor Coleman has a high level of respect for the Governor, he has chosen to support Sen Clinton at this time. Sometime, I would like to sit down with the Mayor for a more personal, candid, visit. But this type of event isn't really conducive to that.

My evening ended with a debate on the war in Iraq. It always amazes me how those on the Right call me a DFL operative:
DFL operative Flash from the blog "Centristy" (heh, heh that one never gets old)
while those on the Left claim I am buying into the RNC talking points, as happened last night at DL. It used to bother me, but being a moderate, I can't please anyone, and last night was certainly the case while discussing the must win war on terror.

All in all it was a great night of Drinking Liberally and with the turnout we experienced, they just might have to start a St. Paul Chapter. We'll see.


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