Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Expedition Failed

So the three GOP Congressfolks wanted to expedite the funding of the 35W bridge to the point they even authored a bill to bypass the normal process.
GOP Reps. Michele Bachmann, Jim Ramstad and John Kline introduced the legislation as a stand-alone bill in an effort to expedite the bridge funding, which has been bogged down in a broader budget fight between Congressional Democrats and the White House.

"The funds promised to Minnesota in the wake of this tragedy have not been delivered," said Bachmann. "It's time for Congress to act so that the city of Minneapolis can be made whole again."
Well guess what, the very bill that was 'bogged down' came up for a vote. Congress acted as demanded by the trio. So of course these impatient politicians voted 'aye' without a flinch to be sure. Lets take a look. Ramstad, Check; Bachmann . . . . Huh . . . Kline . . . Whaaaaat

So Ramstad remains committed and steadfast to his principle but Kline and Bachmann show what most of us knew all along. It wasn't about what was best for Minnesotans, it was nothing more than a political pawn. I like what Candidate Sarvi said in his press release following Kline's vote:
“I’m in shock. John Kline has been grandstanding on this issue for the past month – and now, when he actually has the opportunity to deliver the funds authorized to Minnesota in the wake of the bridge tragedy, he votes against the bill. He chose a smoke-and-mirrors attempt at convincing his constituents he’s willing to invest in the infrastructure they count on every day over actually doing anything about it. This was a horrible vote for the people of Minnesota. An unthinkable vote.”
I feel pretty much the same way, except the "I'm in shock" part. This has become pretty typical politics for the far Right.


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