Monday, November 19, 2007

Blogiversary; It's been Five Years

I've never celebrated an anniversary here, mainly because I didn't know which date to use. I didn't really start posting regularly until February 2004, but the beginning is a bit before that, followed by a few scattered or intermittent posts. However the beginning is still the beginning, and on November 19, 2002, the first screed on Centrisity was posted:
As the events of election 2002 slowly become memories, or the fodder for conversation over liquid courage, the ideology of the Democratic philosophy come to bare. What will it take to return our nation to normalcy? These pages will help us get there. Enjoy the ride
Much has transpired in those five years. Many new friends have been made, and I believe I have evolved personally and ideologically. As we enter the the next Presidential run, I am hoping the experience I have acquired over the years will add to the banter that is the Blogopshere.


UPDATE: The Wayback Machine still has an early incarnation of Centrisity from March '04.

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