Wednesday, March 08, 2006

AI - Gals Top 8

Pretty good night for the ladies, the following is in the order of how I thought they did this evening:

Mandisa was #1 again. After her first week fiasco, she has now put together two leading performances.

Katharine had a strong performance, but no WOW factor. Still in at the top of the ladies

Ayla chose a weird song for this week. She performed it well and should be safe on selection Thursday

Lisa continues to perform above well for her age. She complete the upper tier

Kellie had a GREAT performance this week with the exception of her pitch failing at the end of the song. Still not amongst the upper tier, but will make top 6 for her talent ability, not just her heart tugging likeability

Paris was not very good last night. Serious problems in the middle of her performance. Since Paris was first on, it was the only performance I looked at again to see if maybe my impression was due to her early on time. It wasn't. I think she'll be find going into Thursday, but she has shown she is vulnerable.

I really liked Melissa, but the 6 gals ahead of her are clearly better. Melissa was one of the few in the Top 24 who received hardly any, if any, TV time prior to the live performances. This will cost her in votes, and a slot in the top 6 gals

Kinnik is already on borrowed time. Her performance last night was good, but I don't see her able to survive the cut. The gals above have put a big spread on her.

Top 6 Women: Mandisa, Katharine, Ayla, Lisa, Kellie, Paris

Gone on Thursday: Melissa and Kinnik

What do you think?


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