Friday, April 01, 2005

Snark Alert

LearnedFoot, as his Lefty alter ego Footrios (a play on the left's favorite blogger Atrios) is stompin' on Mitch this AM. A tribute to April Fools' day no doubt, but a gas nonetheless.
Mitch Berg: Big, Green Booger of the Apocalypse

Sound the Maurice Gibb Emergency Broadcast System Sustained Beep:

Jive talkin'. -The Bee Gees

There's no bigger jive talker than Mitch Berg who spittles out the Shit in the Dork blog. This numbnuts wingnut makes a habit of constantly dissing the highly respected Star Tribune journalist Nick Coleman. I for the life of me cannot understand why, since Coleman is the calm, moderate voice of reason in that otherwise radical right-wing rag.
The Koolaid Report can be a hoot. I don't usually agree with their politics, but no matter what they are yippin' about, it almost always brings a chuckle.

Read the whole thing.


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