Monday, April 25, 2005

Media Manipulation

It's beginning. As discussed here, the Right is trying to turn the filibuster debate into an attack on 'faith'.

Justice Sunday played a 6 minute video from Frist, yesterday:
Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist delivered a taped speech Sunday to a nationwide broadcast in which Christian conservatives, during other segments, attacked Democratic senators for blocking judicial nominees described in the program as "people of faith."
So you will continue to see the Right hone their message, and later move on to Race and Women as the reason the Left is frustrated with these far out Judges.

On a side note, the Right is also trying to outflank themselves in the Lexicon game. For those that actually pay attention, it was in fact Trent Lott, who coined the 'nuclear option' term:

Sen. Trent Lott, R-Miss., coined the term "nuclear" option to describe this proposal; it is also called the "constitutional" option (the historic and more politic term recently adopted by the Republicans).
But the way the media is addressing it, you would think it was nothing but a Democratic ploy. See, the GOP has been using THEIR term for quite awhile. But then they found out it didn't poll well. For a party that accused Kerry of changing positions based on which way the wind blows, they are just as guilty themselves. So not only did they change the term to the 'Constitutional Option', but now are dumping the old term on the Dems. Even Doug got suckered in by the move. And when called on it, still hasn't corrected his post. I can understand. They would probably strip him of his blogging card and send him to ANWR if he didn't toe the RNC line.

Keep an eye on these guys, and don't let the media buy into this game. No one with an objective mind can say the media has a Liberal Bias. But to say they are lazy, would in most cases, be an understatement.


UPDATE: Doug has run a post today, properly attributing both terms to their rightful origin. Interestingly, he doesn't care for either term. Neither do I, for that matter. But if the GOP is going to throw around homemade vernacular, they should at least be honorable enough to own it!

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