Friday, April 15, 2005

Going Nuclear!

So the GOP is threatening to go nuclear by changing the rules in the middle of the game. I am unsure why they would be so self destructive and arrogant. I realize there is a level of frustration when they put up extremist judges for approval and don't get what they believe should be an obligatory rubber stamp. We all know that many of Clinton's judges never even made it out of committee. But where is a mind set that thinks they can just change the rules to benefit only themselves. Do they think they will be in the majority forever.

I have always commented that the difference between the two sides is that the Right lives for today, whereas the Left lives with a vision towards tomorrow. And the actions that are being displayed by both sides on this issue certainly supports that theory.

Flying through the various sites on the net has discovered the following roll call on this issue.

All 44 Dems, plus Jeffords for 45. Both GOP Senators McCain and Chaffee are certainly a lock to preserve the current rules of the Senate leaving us with 47. Since the Vice President breaks all Senate Ties, 51 votes would be needed to stop this nonsense. Of the remaining 'moderate' Republicans, 4 would be needed to protect our republic. Some of the fence sitters; Collins (ME) Hagel (NE), Snowe (ME), Sununu (NH), Gregg (NH), Lugar (IN), Warner (VA). God knows that there is no chance our own Senator Coleman (notice I didn't put it in "quotes", Mitch. It is a respect thing!) would waffle on this one. He owes the administration his job, so he'll do exactly as he is told on anything even remotely close.

So after all that, I only have this question for my Right leaning and far Right friends. Why is it so important to force through a handful of extremist judges, considering the precedent that may be set in A) allowing the Left to do the same thing when it's their turn, and/or B) risking a stalemate on the floor for other legislation, by the Left, in retaliation for this juvenile move?

Seems to me that the Right should be more worried about setting this precedent than anyone. But like I said, they have a hard time looking into the crystal ball with their 'I only care about the now' attitude.

So over the weekend, give this issue the Empathy Test. What would you be saying if, say, the Democrats controlled the Senate and President Hillary Clinton was able to have this power?

Yeah . . . I thought so!


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