Friday, April 22, 2005

Home Grown Part Deux

Tomorrow is the big day! The debut of the 2005 Minnesota Drum and Bugle Corps programs from the state's 4 drum and bugle corps. Other entertainment is lined up as well for a full evening of music.
The STRIB featured the Showcase in their Diversions spotlight this morning, with a nice picture of the Govenaires from St. Peter Minnesota.

If you have yet to pencil in something to do Saturday evening, I encourage you to consider attending this event. There is a nice mix that will certainly appeal to all tastes.

I'll be there, in uniform, as a Govenaire. After performing with Minnesota Brass for a good chunk of the last 25+ years, I made the jump to follow in my father and grandfather's footsteps to spend a year with the oldest competing drum corps in the world.

My earlier post is here, with more details.


UPDATE: Just bumping this to the top for the weekend. Enjoy!

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