Monday, October 25, 2004

Mathiaas Muddles while Kline Krumbles

Swiftee put himself through some torture last night, watching the Congressional debates on television. What does he have to say about 'his' GOP candidate in the 5th district:
". . . this guy made a complete fool of himself"
the best explanation for his performance could only be that he was drunk, or perhaps battling the first stages of a world class hangover.
Now, Sabo is secure in an urban district that will elect him as long as he chooses to run. The former Minnesota Speaker of the House represents his constituents well, and it is know wonder that the GOP struggles to find a competent candidate to run against Congressman Sabo.

But what was more telling, was Swiftee's take on the 2nd district race. Kline finally edged out multi term incumbent Bill Luther two years ago. Redistricting created a more Right leaning 6th and inadvertently drew Mark Kennedy out of his own digs. With the inclusion of St. Cloud in the New 6th, that made it a challenge for Luther to combat a Right Wing incumbent, so Kennedy ran in the 6th, against Janet Roberts (who now leads Straight Talk Radio and JR Broadcasting) leaving the quasi Incumbent to run in the Conservative 2nd, against Kline.

This year, Kline is running against Burnsville City Council member Teresa Daly. Teresa is turning out to be a formidable candidate, and Swiftee has concerns:
Now we get to the extreme humiliation.

John Kline is supposed to represent the best of Republican ideology, he's the guy who was trusted with "the football" by two Presidents, and yet when asked to come up with two federal spending programs he will cut next term he couldn't. No, worse than couldn't, he outright REFUSED!

Questions to Republicans about cutting government programs are not softballs, they are wiffle balls..and Kline wiffed!

Teresa Daly also ripped-Kline-to-shreds on tax policy, domestic policy and foreign policy...I might vote for her myself!
I doubt that he will actually reach for the lever of a lefty, but it is refreshing to see one of their own call out an 'empty suit' when they see one.

Kline will win in a walk, but now that his vulnerabilities are once again shining brightly, I suspect Daly will regroup with the experience of this campaign under her belt, and make her next run a true challenge!


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