Monday, October 04, 2004

Don't Vote

The Kossacksare in a mini furor about the teaser campaign that popped up on billboards here in the Twin Cities. What does the article reveal about the campaign:

1) The billboards are owned by Clear Channel Communications Inc.

2) the end of the campaign has value and a positive message,
positive benefits for the community

3) the sponsor, (paying about $60,000) is not advertising a product.

4) the "reveal," would be Oct. 11.

The local minority is the most vocal in their concerns regarding this teaser message. I'm not so sure they need to be. When I first saw the ads, I didn't even think they were going to be political in nature. I figured Clear Channel was rolling out some new DJs, like they did with the Ugly Kids teaser from a few years ago. But a letter to the editor in this morning's Strib may shed some light on where they are going with this:
If you stay home Nov. 2

Don't vote. We'll decide to raise your taxes, or not. We'll decide to educate your children, or not. We'll decide to kill you or your relatives in war, or not. We'll decide to pay your medical bills, or not. We'll decide whom you should marry, or not. We'll decide if you retain freedom of speech, or not. We'll decide what private records are of interest to us, or not. We'll decide to save your forests and lakes, or not.

Stay home. Don't vote. But when it's over, don't complain.
Now, considering the leanings of Clear Channel, I doubt this is where they are going, but maybe they have 'seen the light'.


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