Thursday, October 28, 2004

Who are the Electors

In a follow up to yesterday's post, I want to share a brief E-Mail exchange I had with my Mom last night.

She received a phone call from an AP reporter, checking for voter' 'loyalty. It seemed strange to me, at first, that they would be calling a lifelong DFLer like my Mother, but then I found out why. She is a 2004 Kerry Elector, one of 10 in the state of Minnesota. The reporter was checking to see if there was any movement possible within the slate of electors currently assigned to each party.

That she got the call was cool, to find out my Mom is an Elector was gratifying. A staunch, grassroots, hardworking, multi tasking, Democrat like this more then deserves the honor of actually being able to cast a vote for the President himself. All we are stuck doing, is voting for a slate of Electors, and this year, I'll be voting for my Mom!

Congratulations, Mom!!! You've earned it!

So now it is up to US, to give her the chance to cast her vote, and place Minnesota in the Kerry Column. Polls are nothing more then a picture in time, it is the votes counted on Election day that matter, so GOTV!


UPDATE: The Elector List in Mr. Fixit's column the other day was 2000 Electors. The Strib will be publishing the full slate of Electors from the GOP and DFL on Page 2A of this weekend's Sunday edition.

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