Saturday, October 20, 2007

FUNdraiser: The UpTake

UPDATE and bump - - -

TODAY, Saturday, The UpTake is having a little shindig to raise some bucks. Starting at 3:00PM, at the DL haunt 331 Club, fun will be had by all in an attempt to assist in putting some ching in the coffers of this upstart Video Journalistic venture. There is a snippet of them in action, here. And don't be afraid to traverse their site for some of their other endeavours, like the Critical Mass excursion.

I am not sure what my schedule holds. I have been working on Algebra all day with my youngest boy. Maybe by tomorrow I will have him caught up. (update - Chapter 2 complete, so far so good)

So if you can make it, FANTASTIC, and if you can't, there is an online donation opportunity right HERE.


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